Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What They're Saying: The Latest From Sailing Mags

Here are few items from this month’s sailing magazines! Good stuff everywhere and no shortage of
great images, but see if any of these quick items grab your attention.

Sailing World‘s march issue has a great TECH REVIEW by Dave Reed on what they call an “appealing
simple” Tactician APP for iPhone. This one is free, so even better. This allows you only to record and display wind readings, a sort of “electronic Wet Notes pad,” jokes the reviewer. Over time, as you put more headers into the system, the APP will start to do some basic computations for you. There will be updates on this APP over time. Check it out racers especially.

We all agree catamarans are the best, but you have to give big points on the romance scale to tall ships.  April’s issue of Cruising World has the dates for the kickoff of a series of port stops by an international fleet of tall ships. The ships are here to help celebrate the bicentennial of the War of 1812 and the writing of “The Star Spangled Banner”. Here are some dates for your calendars : New Orleans: April 17-23; San Juan, Puerto Rico May 9- 14; New York May 23 to 30; Norfolk, Virginia June 1 to 12; Baltimore June 13 to 19; Boston June 30 to July 6 and New London, Connecticut July 6 to July 9. Check out for more details.

I never know if I should feel amazement or upset when yet another youngest sailor ever record is broken
by a teenager. I leave the judgment to you, but check out the blog written by Laura Dekker who sailed
around the globe in a 38-foot ketch appropriately named Guppy. Ms. Dekker is highlighted in April issue
of Soundings magazine. She soloed 27,000 nautical miles into the history books – at least for now. She
was 16 years old. Read all about it here:

Seems like pirates are everywhere these days and now Latitudes & Attitudes is keeping track of the
reported incidences with a short police blotter of international crimes. Just this year, eight armed
pirates boarded a bulk carrier 11 nautical miles south of Logos, Nigeria. Twenty shots were fired and
one sailor died as a result of trying to escape. Another case was reported near Cailan Outer Anchorage
in Vietnam. And of course, there were more incidents off of Somalia. The Volvo racers had their boats
lifted onto carriers to avoid trouble spots courtesy of the race organizers this year as well.